Helping Houston Heal



If you would like to financially support our efforts (which will certainly be long-lasting), you can donate to "HelpingHoustonHeal" by following these instructions:

Phone Number: (713) 352-1057

Text the desired amount, a space, then "HelpingHoustonHeal" to the number above. 

(i.e., 20 HelpingHoustonHeal)

If you would like to wire funds for the relief effort, they may be sent using the following information: 

Routing #: 111000025 Account #: 4786367254

Donation and Distribution Center 

Thank you to all who have sought to partner with Wheeler Avenue in our relief efforts. Because of your generosity, lives are being made better and for that we are grateful to our God. We have modified our plans for the foreseeable future to reallocate our resources toward #HelpingHoustonHeal



To volunteer at our Donation & Distribution Center, come by any time between 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm. No registration is required. Groups or individual volunteers are welcome. 

Assessment for those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

For those who have been ill-affected by Hurricane Harvey, please fill out the assessment so that we may know how best to assist in your recovery. For those who wish to be a blessing by providing housing or other resources, please also fill out the assessment here.

Stay Connected!

We want to keep you informed of our plans and efforts as we continue to assess and address the needs of our brothers and sisters within the Wheeler Avenue family and within our larger community. To stay connected text "WABC" to 845-76 and select the #HelpingHoustonHeal to receive notifications.